Publishing on PE Central Award Rules

PE Central and S&S Worldwide thank you for publishing your idea on PE Central. The following are the rules that go along with this $50.00 eGift Card which is redeemable online, via phone or when ordering from their catalog.

S&S Worldwide eGift Card
Picture of eGift Card

Our friends at S&S Worldwide will email your eGift card. The eGift card will be addressed to the person's email address that is indicated on the online submission form. Please make sure you complete this portion of the form accurately. Expect an email of your eGift card from S&S Worldwide within 2 weeks. Products purchased via the eGift card can only be shipped to addresses within the USA and Canada.

If you have questions about the eGift card, please contact Jenneke Timmermans at S&S Worldwide. Via email at: or phone: 1-800-243-9232 ext. 2376.

S&S Worldwide's shipping and handling charges and all terms and conditions apply when you place an order. Please review the Terms and Conditions posted on the S&S Web site ( or contact the Customer Service department at S&S Worldwide at 1-800-243-9232 for more information.

Your email, name and address will be put on their mailing list. If you wish to have it removed contact Jenneke Timmermans via email at: or phone: 1-800-243-9232 ext. 2376.

eGift cards are only redeemable for items from S&S Worldwide. You can mail, fax or phone or place your orders online using your eGift card. eGift cards are NOT redeemable in the PE Central Store.

Only ideas that are PUBLISHED on PE Central can receive the award. Just submitting an idea is not enough.

If two or more people jointly submit an idea, S&S Worldwide can only award ONE eGift card so it will go to the lead author that is completed on the form.

Feel free to submit as many ideas as you want. S&S will only award up to 4 eGift cards per author per year for a published idea on PE Central.

Products purchased via the eGift cards can only be shipped to addresses within the US and Canada. S&S is happy to send the eGift card to folks living outside Canada and the USA but they can only ship to addresses in Canada or the USA.

PE Central will review all ideas and PE Central has the right to accept or reject any idea that is submitted.

Only select sections of PE Central are eligible for eGift card Publication Award from S&S Worldwide. See the Guidelines page that notes these sections.

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