PE Central Volunteer Advisory Board

Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer Advisory Board Member for PE Central. Please read the information below. Remember, all of the published ideas on PE Central MUST be developmentally (and instructionally) appropriate (e.g., no one ball per class activities, no activities without an obvious purpose, e.g. “fun things to do on scooters”). All of our Advisory Board members must value quality and instructionally appropriate physical education.

Current Needs:

We need advisory board members to help review submitted ideas in these sections:

If you need to see examples of these go here:

• Bulletin Board Ideas
• Instant Activities
• Grades K-2 Lesson Ideas
• Grades 3-5 Lesson Ideas
• Grades 6-8 Lesson Ideas
• Grades 9-12 Lesson Ideas
• Health Lesson Ideas
• Dance Lesson Ideas
• Preschool Lesson Ideas
• Integrated/Classroom Teacher Lesson Ideas
• Holiday Lesson Ideas
• Field Day
• Best Practices

Duties of an advisory board member:

• Review and make comments/suggestions about submitted ideas to the PE Central Web site
• Communicate via email with the Managing Editor of your section


• Must be familiar with developmentally appropriate physical education as outlined by NASPE and it helps to be knowledgeable of our professions National Standards
• Must have adequate time to devote to the volunteer position (about 2-4 hours per month)
• Must be able to access the Internet so you can log in and access the submitted lesson ideas
• Must have at least 1 year teaching experience

Benefits of Volunteering:

• You will be seeing lesson ideas first and therefore you can use these with your students in your program before they are even published on PE Central.
• You will be helping physical educators and students across the world by providing them with new and exciting ideas that they can use in their program.
• We can write your administrator a letter stating that you are volunteering to help provide reviews of PE Central’s lesson ideas.
• Your name will be featured on the section therefore your name will be seen by thousands of people.
• You will be updated first on what is going on with PE Central and physical education news as Mark Manross communicates regularly with advisory board members of PE Central.

How it works:

• All reviews are done online.
• You will receive directions on how to complete your review via email.
• When a new lesson has been submitted you will log in to the PE Central web site, provide your review (s) and then log out.
• You are notified via email when a new lesson has been submitted for review.
• You will work directly with your Managing Editor of that section. He/she will communicate with you throughout the year via email.
• If you are ever too busy to do reviews during a certain time period just let us know. You do not need to review all submitted lesson ideas.

Example of some nicely written reviews:

Example 1: “I like the lesson and it sounds like a lot of fun. I think it will serve as a set up of ideas for four or five stations for one lesson. I would like to see the fitness calendar attached and maybe a little more structure. Make sure to check for spelling mistakes and I would like to see some more assessment ideas but overall I think with some editing it would be a nice addition to PE Central.”

Example 2: “This lesson has some nice elements to it the description is not written clearly enough for others to easily implement it in their program. The purpose does not match the description as written. Overall we need more information so right now cannot recommend it for publication on PE Central.”

Length of Service:

• You can serve for as long as you wish as long as you are continuing to provide reviews on a consistent basis.
• If you stop reviewing PE Central has the right to ask you to leave or take a leave of absence.

Time commitment:

• 2-4 hours per month but it is flexible as some months are busier than others. No reviews are done June-July

How to apply:

Send an email to Mark Manross (, Executive Director of PE Central. In your email let him know you are interested, a little bit about your education and teaching background and in what section you are volunteering (e.g., K-2, 3-5, Best Practices, etc.). You can only choose one section. No need to send a vita or resume.

Published on 2-11-11 Mark Manross PE Central

Mark Manross, Executive Editor
Originally written: 12/29/96
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