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The PE Central Challenge©
Building Successful Movers One Skill at a Time

Registration Benefits

Each teacher/parent who registers for the PE Central Challenge will receive the following:

  1. 30 award pins per teacher
  2. Additional pin purchases available at $.90 each (non registered teachers pay $1.25 ea.)
  3. Registered teachers do NOT pay any shipping and handling charges on any pins purchased. This applies to International participants as well.
  4. Registered teachers are guaranteed a spot in future challenges, therefore, as long as you renew by the announced renewal date you do not need to sign up for the Challenge each year. All renewals are done online.
  5. Registered teachers create their own user name and password during registration which they can then use to access and modify their account information as long as they remain a challenge registrant.
  6. Registered teachers receive email communications on a regular basis from PE Central.

Proceeds from the registration fees are put towards paying for the pins and the labor and cost of shipping the pins.