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The PE Central Challenge©
Building Successful Movers One Skill at a Time

How the Challenge Works

The PE Central Challenge is designed specifically for 4th and 5th grade youngsters. It is a series of 6 fun and challenging motor skills tasks that if passed can earn the youngster a bronze (4-6 challenges successfully completed), silver (5-6), or gold (6-6) pin. The following are directions for teachers, parents, and anyone in charge of activity programs for 4th and 5th graders that will allow you to participate successfully in the PE Central Challenge. Please review and become familiar with all the PE Central Challenge rules and procedures. If you prefer not to register you can still offer the Challenge to your students. There are free certificates availble at our Challenge web site or you can purchase pins at the cost of $1.25 each.

Green Pin The cost to register for each teacher, parent, etc. is $20.00. Registered teachers can choose to renew on an annual basis. If a registered teacher chooses not to renew that opens a spot for another teacher who is not registered. Registration usually starts on in Sept or Oct. and the Challenge ends on Apr. 1 the following year.

Green Pin Teachers register at PE Central and you can have more than one teacher register from the same school. Registration can only be done online using the registration form that is made available in October or each year. We do not accept registrations via email, fax, or postal mail. You must use the online form to register your school. The actual registration date is announced in our free email newsletter and on the official PEC Challenge Web site.

Green Pin Each year there are a limited number of pins available. Additional pins for registered users are available at a cost of .90 each. After the initial allotment of pins are reserved the challenge registration is closed. Un-registered teachers can still participate and award kids the free certificates we provide at the PE Central Challenge Web site or you can purchase pins at a $1.25 each. Click here for our printable order form (only to be used by non-registered users).

Green Pin After you register, you can start the challenge any time you wish. The Challenge lasts from Oct. to the end of March the following year so you will typically have 5-6 months to have your kids practice the challenge tasks. We encourage you to start early as the kids will need to practice in order to successfully earn a pin. Scoring sheets and other tools are available to teachers and parents in the teaching tools section of the Challenge Web site.

Green Pin On March 1, PE Central will contact (via email) registered teachersalerting them to a Web site that allows them to report how many bronze, silver, and gold pins your kids earned during the 6 months. Registered teachers will have the entire month of March to let us know how many total pins you need. Unregistered teachers can order pins anytime during the year. The cost is $1.25 each. Make sure to use our printable form located on the Challenge web site.

Green Pin PE Central will mail the pins to registered teachers at the beginning of April so you should expect them sometime near the middle of April or early in May. We mail unregisted teachers your pins as soon as we receive your check in the mail with the order form or you can call us (540-953-1043) to order using your credit card.

Green Pin Registered teachers are contacted via email to see if they would like to renew their registration for the following year. If teachers fail to register or choose not to by the announced date then they lose their registration spot and that opens up a spot for others to register the following year.