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The PE Central Challenge©
Building Successful Movers One Skill at a Time

The Challenge Tasks

The six tasks that form the PE Central Challenge are listed below. After clicking on the task name you will find information about administering the challenges, suggestions for helping youngsters succeed at each challenge, and a series of tasks that can be presented to the children as a way to help them improve on each of the challenges. These challenges were piloted with 4th and 5th graders to determine if they could do them successfully and also if they were enjoyable to the children. We attempted to design the Challenge so that some of the challenges were unique and different, rather than all of them being "sport" skills.

Suggested Modifications for Adapting Tasks for Children with Disabilities

The 6 Challenge Tasks

Balance Shuffle
Balance Shuffle

throw and catch
Throw and Catch

volley up
Volley Up

Jump Rope

Paddle Strike

hula hoop
Hula Hoop

Pictures/Videos of PE Central Challenge Tasks