PE Central Challenge FAQs

Is there a time period that the challenges must be completed in? Or can we work them into our schedule?
We must receive your order for the pins that your kids actually earn during the month of March as that typically gives teachers plenty of time to work the challenges into their schedule.
Can teachers/schools from countries outside of the USA register?
Yes, by all means. The cost is US$20 and needs to be paid with a MasterCard or Visa credit card. We have had teachers and schools from Pakistan, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Bolivia, and Italy participate in the past.
How much does it cost to register?
$20.00 per teacher. We only accept credit card payments (MasterCard or Visa).
When will I get my pins after completing the PEC Challenge?
For registered users we typically ship the award pins in early May. For unregistered teachers we will ship upon receiving your printed order form and check (made payable to PE Technologies).
Why do teachers have to reserve pins for their schools?
Unfortunately our supply of award pins is limited. For this reason we must require teachers to reserve the number of pins they think their children will earn to be certain they will actually have pins for their children. Additional pins (beyond 30), for registered users, can be purchased for $.90 each. Unregistered users can purchase pins for $1.25 each.
How will PE Central know how many gold, silver and bronze pins I will actually need for my children?
Prior to March 1 we will send all of the REGISTERED teachers who reserved pins for their children instructions via e-mail about ordering the exact amounts of gold, silver, and bronze pins for their schools. They will complete an "on-line" order form. This on-line order form will also have instructions about paying for additional pins they might need.
What if I teach at more then one elementary school?
Each teacher registrant, not school, can register for the 30 pins available. Therefore you will not be able to register twice if you are the same teacher at two different schools.
How many total pins can I reserve when I register for the Challenge?
30 pins. You will then come back in March to tell us exactly how many of each pin (bronze, silver, and gold) you need based on your children's performance.
I am not a registered user of the Challenge. When can I purchase pins for this years PE Central Challenge?
The printable order form to use for ordering pins is available on the PE Central Challenge Web site. The cost is $1.25 per pin.
How much do the pins cost to purchase?
For registered teachers additional pins cost $.90 each to purchase. For unregistered teachers the cost of each individual pin is $1.25 each.
How do I contact the staff at the PE Central Challenge?
The best way is to email us at "" or call Mark Manross at 540-953-1043.
How long does the Challenge typically last?
Usually lasts 5-6 months. Registration is typically in Sept/Oct and the Challenge goes until the end of March.
What are some ways I can incorporate the Challenge into my program so it doesn't take away from the time I need to teach the other aspects of my curriculum?
There are a number of things you can do that allow you to incorporate the Challenge into your program without it taking over all of your time. We have compiled these ideas at the Teacher Tips/Ideas page.
Do we accept registrations via email, postal mail, or fax?
Unfortunately we are not set up to do that. You must register through our online form.
Can the children I teach who are physically challenged participate in the PE Central Challenge?
Yes, by all means. You can take the challenges and modify them to meet your and the child's needs and abilities. In the past we have had a number of teachers who taught children with multi-handicaps and they participated in the Challenge. Click here to see how she adapted the challenges for her students.
Who can verify that the children have passed the individual challenges?
The teacher who signed their students up for the Challenge would have the main responsibility for this. In addition, classroom teachers or parent/student volunteers can do this too. We invite you to use our Tracking Sheet to help with this. Feel free to make as many copies of this as you wish.
For the Balance Shuffle challenge, do the students have to remain standing to complete the Challenge?
No, the students may come up with any solution for passing each other. Just as long as they stay on the board without touching the ground they are OK. We hope you encourage your students to find a myriad of different ways to pass each other successfully to complete this challenge.
For the Balance Shuffle challenge, do the students travel on the 2-inch side of the board or the 4-inch side?
The students need to travel on the 4-inch side of the board.
What about youngsters who do not pass four or more of the challenges and therefore are not eligible for a pin?
There is a certificate that a teacher can "download" and then print as many copies as needed for the children at that school. We hope teachers will provide a participant certificate to every youngster who attempts the PE Central Challenge.
For the Partner Throw and Catch can the participants use any type of ball? Also, can they use a baseball/softball glove?
Any type of ball can be used to complete this challenge but it can't be done with a baseball/softball glove. As it states this must be completed using the hands as the catching agent.
What grade levels are the Challenge designed for?
4th and 5th grades. We hope to expand this in the future.
For the Hula Hooping Challenge, can the hoop be bigger than the 30"-32" size?
Any size hoop is fine--whatever works best for your youngsters.