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December 15, 2008

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holly bells Happy Holidays!

We have reopened the 2009 PE Central Challenge Registration due to popular demand. We can only open this for a limited time so sign up now. We will close registration when we run out of reward pins. Thanks so much for your continued interest in this great and motivational program.

Special thanks to our sponsor S&S Worldwide.
We really enjoy working with these folks and look forward to more great projects in 2009!

holly bells Register for the 2009 PE Central Challenge!

Registration for the 2009 PE Central Challenge is open again! This wonderful program is for 4th and 5th graders but can be modified to fit the needs of older students. It makes for a great Parents Night Program and it teaches them about cooperating and working together! Learn more at the PE Central Challenge Web site or register now. The cost is only $20.00 for each teacher to register! You can pay with your credit card, purchase order, or check.

The Challenges:

Balance Shuffle
Jump that Rope
Volley Up
Paddle Strike
Throw and Catch
Hula Hoop

Register Now
PE Central Challenge

Challenge Store
challenge posters

holly bells Closure

Thanks so much for your continued use of PE Central. We are proud of the team we have who volunteer to run a web site with quality information and ideas for physical educators across the world. We hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season.


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Happy Holidays
from PEC