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Winter Olympic Project Questions

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Directions: Please complete the following questions as they relate to your event. Answer these questions on your own paper. Must be typed, double-spaced, and you must use at least two resources (i.e., magazine, newspaper, and Internet) to complete this worksheet. Please include the questions below in your paper. You do not need to turn this actual worksheet with your paper.

1. Provide the name of your event/sport along with a brief description of how the sport is played?

2. Describe/Explain the different parts or components that make up the event. For example, ice skating has the short program, the long program, compulsaries, etc.

3. Write a brief history about the event/sport. (may include how long the sport has been apart of the Olympics, where it got started, how popular it is, etc.)

4. Describe what skills the athletes need to have in order to do this event well.

5. Indicate the days and times the event will take place.

6. Indicate what countries/teams will be participating in this event.

7. How has the United States done in the past for this event? Also, indicate how the United States is predicted to do in this event.

8. Indicate who you think will win the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal awards for your event.

9. Write down the resources you used to answer these questions. If you used a Web site include the name of the Web site and the address. For other resources a name will suffice.

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