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How Far to Katahdin Worksheet (Part IV)

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Directions: Visit the following Web site and complete the questions using the information at that Web site. If the Web page does not work please write that in your answer.

  • (GORP-Great Outdoor Recreation Pages)

    1. Describe or explain what or who Gifford Pinchot is. Also, explain why we shouldn't be afraid of the "Boogerman"? Use the space below for your answers.

    2. What section or source on this page tells you details for trails?

    The following Web sites are excellent to learn about hiking and backpacking. Your task is to briefly tell two things that you learned while visiting these sites. Use the space provided after the Web site for your answer.

  • (The Appalachian Trail Home Page)

  • (National Trail Listings)

  • (Appalachian Trail Advice)

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