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How Many Steps to Katahdin Worksheet

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Directions: Complete the following tasks to learn about how many steps it would take to get to Katahdin.

1. How many steps would it take?

A. Half step measurement

Walk 1 lap around a 1/4 mile track. Count every left footstep and keep track of the amount of time it takes. Record your results in the space provided. Repeat three times.

1/2 Step _________

Time __________

........... ___________


........... ___________



Ave.* ____________


Ave.* ___________

* Add all three scores, then divide by three to get the average.

B. How many half steps per 1/4 mile? _________

C. How many 1/2 steps per mile? _________

D. How many steps in a mile? _________

E. How many steps for the entire trail? _________

F. It would take me __________ steps to hike the Appalachian Trail!

2. How many hiking hours would it take to complete the trail?

A. How long did it take to hike 1/4 mile? _______

B. How long for one mile? _______

C. How many miles can you hike in one hour? _______

D. How many hiking hours would it take to hike the entire 2,000 miles?

** If I hiked _______ M.P.H. for ________hours, I could hike the Appalachian Trail!!!

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