Dance/Aerobics Final Project
Aerobics/Line Dance Grading Sheet

Group Members (write names):


______ Steps of the Line Dance - 10 points

9-10 Points - Students incorporate at least 10 separate moves in their routine
7-8 Points - More than 8 moves are incorporated in the routine, moves flow most of the time however some transitions are rough.
5-6 Points - Less than 8 moves are demonstrated, routine is rough and needs much more practice.
0-4 Points - Less than 5 moves are showed, and the routine does not have a clear beginning, ending, or cycle.

______ Presentation to class - 10 points

9-10 Points - Presentation is clear and shows the routine has been practiced because all group members move in unison.
7-8 Points - Presentation is fairly clear, however some group members are lost during parts of the routine.
5-6 Points - At least 1/2 of the presentation is choppy and unrehearsed.
0-4 Points - The routine is choppy and unrehearsed with many of the group members unable to move together in unison.

______ Participation of group members - 10 points

9-10 Points - Group members participated and contributed significantly to the final project
7-8 Points - Participated and contributed 3/4 of the time.
5-6 Points - Participated and contributed to the routine at least 1/2 of the time.
0-4 Points - Did not contribute to the project.

______ Teaching the Dance to the class- 10 points

9-10 Points - Each person in the group takes turns explaining a portion of the routine, and the explanation to the class is clear and easy for the class to follow.
7-8 Points - Presentation to the class is difficult to follow at times, although everyone is able to repeat the routine.
5-6 Points - Presentation to the class is difficult to follow, group members do not take turns leading.
0-4 Points - Presentation cannot be followed and the class is unable to repeat the routine.

______ Paper explaining the dance - 10 points

9-10 Points - Well written, no grammatical errors. Shows clarity of thought and presentation.
7-8 Points - Some grammatical errors, main ideas are fairly well presented.
5-6 Points - Some grammatical errors, paper is rough and difficult to comprehend.
0-4 Points - Paper has many errors, not well written.

Total grade ________