This week you will be working on your aerobics/dance project. In groups of 4 or 5, you will be creating a line dance or a segment of an aerobics routine. Choose one of the following assignments:

#1: Line dance-You need to create a line dance, of your own. You may take steps from other dances and combine them into your own dance, but the dance has to be a new dance created from your minds.

These are the requirements for the dance project:

To turn in:

The following is the grading scale for this project:

#2 Aerobics Segment: This will be a 10-minute segment of an aerobics routine. You may do a 10-minute warm-up, a 10-minute cool-down, a cardio-workout, a circuit training workout, a strength workout, or an isolated workout for a specific body part (such as the abdominal muscles, the legs, the arms, the hips and butt, etc.). If you are not doing a warm-up or cool-down, you must begin the segment with a brief warm-up and end with a brief cool-down.

Requirements for aerobics segment:

Paper to turn in:

Grading Scale:

For both the Line Dance and the Aerobics Routine the following will be in effect:

Each member will fill out a group-evaluation sheet. If someone has not adequately contributed to the project, this will let me know so that I may assign grades accordingly.