2005 Dietary Guidelines Worksheet

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Part I: Explore the website:

Navigate through the site in order to answer the following questions.

1. Who publishes the Dietary Guidelines? How frequently are they updated?

2. What was the purpose for the 2005 changes to the Dietary Guidelines?

From the Consumer Brochure, answer the following questions:

3. List the three topics highlighted in the booklet.

4. “Healthful habits” reduces your risk of many chronic diseases such as:

5. What advice is given for people who enjoy going out to eat or eat on the run?

6. Why is regular physical activity important?

7. What is the recommended frequency and time for children and teens to be physically active per week?

8. “Consider this . . . . .” How can you lose weight?

9. What determines how many calories you need a day?

10. Explain why Food Labels indicate 2,000 calories are needed per day.

11. “Nutrition: To Know the Facts. . . . . Read the Label” List and describe the FIVE (blue) suggestions for reading food labels.

12. “Play it Safe with Food” The first thing you should do before handling foods is __________________________. In addition, you should ________________ the food preparation surfaces.

13. What foods should you wash? What foods should you NOT wash?

14. Why is it important to cook meats to a safe internal temperature?

15. What are the safe temperatures for:

16. Define Moderate Drinking. What nutritional value does an alcoholic beverage provide?

17. What is the contact information to order single printed copies of this booklet?

Go the section Key Recommendations.

18. In your own words, provide “Key Recommendations within Caloric Needs for the General Population” for the following topics:

Go to the section, Frequently Asked Questions. In your OWN WORDS, provide the answers for the following questions:

19. What are the Dietary Guidelines?

20. What is the relationship between the Dietary Guidelines and the USDA’s Food Guidance System (Food Pyramid)?

Part II: Directions: Explore ONE of the six listed websites. Answer the following questions for EACH SITE:

Name of the website and web address: _________________________________________

1. What information does the site provide?

2. Are there recipes OR workouts for kids? If so describe the recipe OR workout.

3. Does the website have a game? If so, play the game. What was the purpose of the game? What nutritional or fitness information did you learn?

4. Would you recommend this site to a friend? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

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