Station Name: Under and under ! Save the water

Type of Activity :  Teams co-operative event - relay


Station Leaders :

1.___________________                           2. .____________________ 

3.____________________                                  4. .____________________


Equipment Needed: Four lanes need to be set  up B Y R G

        24 small foam balls - 6 of each colour B Y R G per bucket.

        8 buckets - 2 per lane of each colour B Y R G one at starting other at finishing line

        8 cones mark out starting/finishing lines for each team

        Tank filled with extra water


Equipment set up: 4 lanes to be set up

Basin filled with 6 foam balls


Basin filled with 6 foam balls




The objective of this activity is to transfer 6 soaking balls from the tank at the front of the team, to the tank some distance away from the team. It is an activity  whose main focus is teamwork and manipulative dexterity in a fun way.  The children of each team, line up behind one another (spaced out), standing astride. On signal the person at the front of the row  (i.e. at the starting end) will run down to the water tank and take out a soaking foamball and run back to the team; the balloon has to be passed from person to person, using a two-hand underpass through the "tunnel" made by the teams' legs. The person at the end of the line, puts the ball in the home-tank at the back of the row, and run down to the front again to get another ball etc.  Teams get points for each balloon that is transferred "safe and sound" to the home tank.

SAFETY CONCERN : They are to BEND THEIR KNEES (avoid lower back pain)

                                      The children should be spaced apart



Children to line up in their house colours - the front captain at the starting end of the line.



Remind children what they have to do, esp., if absent child is replaced by another.

Encourage the children to have FUN !

v     Are all  the tunnels set ?

v     Are you ready to get wet ?

v     GO!


 In the case of  class of 21/22/absentees


The front captain will have an extra turn. If 3 or more children missing from a team, then it might be necessary to get some children over from the drink station or re-organise teams.