Station Name : Disks for Peace Drinking Station


Station Leaders :

1.____________________tel ________

2.____________________tel ________

3.____________________tel ________


Equipment Needed :


      Tables for Drinks round up


      Large Basins for rinsing the cups

      Large Basin for Ice

      Cups (keep for recyling)

      Garbage Bags

      Low tables (from classes for the Art Work

      Paper Plates and Crayons


Activity :

Children stop at this station to rest and have a drink, together with the class teachers and her helpers. If any children need to go to the bathroom, this is the time to do it ! The children will also have time to colour, draw and sign their DISK FOR PEACE their paper plate.



IMPORTANT NOTE : At the end of each round, it is very important that a Station Leader collects the plates and takes them into the MAIN area where all the plates are going to be displayed by pegging the plates using pegs to the string.