Grade Level: 3 & 4

Station Name: Earth PARACHUTE PLAY 

Type of Activity: Class co-operative activity


Station Leaders: NONE



This activity is lead by the class teacher. Due to space limitations there are no Station leaders posted at this station. Kindly set up retrieve thrown off equipment and re-set station at end of your round.


Equipment Needed:

Ř      PARACHUTE (large)

Ř      4 foam dice (one of each colour)



Grade 3 & 4 s: Parachute Activity

OBJECTIVE: this is a class co-operative activity. Important that children work all together doing the same thing, following teacher directions.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Parachute, 4 playground balls

ARRANGEMENT: Children must be around the parachute according to house colour- with at least one child on each segment. Note that yellow has only 2 segments to children have to be split between these 2 segments 3:2.

HOLDING THE PARACHUTE: An under-grip with thumb on top is used. Always start the children holding the parachute at approx. waist level - have them open it out like a giant colourful table.

HINT: the children tend to get excited in this activity. Emphasise that they must work together with you!  To get them into position, parachute flat on floor and call out house colours individually and direct pupils to their position.

In the case of absentees: Nothing is done

Activity 1 : Shake it  out

Children shake out the parachute and stop when teacher claps. Repeat.


Kids perform movements at your directions. As they march in 1,2,3 & out 1,2,3. Parachute rises into a mushroom shape and flattens out again!

Activity 2 : Mushroom (x2) + Igloo !!

“Up… Down… Up… down…. , March in 1 2 3, Out 1,2,3 “


“Up Down Up down , In 1 2 3, Out 1,2,3 “

Repeat Mushroom.

Next have the children perform the “IGLOO” –Tell children to out “Up”  - and children go inside and under the parachute, pull it behind their backs, and bottoms and sit on the edge.


Activity 3 : Colour Swop :

Hold Parachute at HIGH level – so that children passing underneath and see where they are going more safely.

Call out each colour – one by one. Children of the house colour called are to pass under and cross to opposite side of the parachute (on two hands and two feet).  Children holding the parachute have to keep the chute up whilst the others are going under. Call out each house colour twice, so children are back to their starting positions.


Activity 4:  Dice Bounce  - Keep in on !

Children and teacher stand up and hold parachute like a giant table. Place the four playground die on the parachute.

Objective to manoeuvre parachute to create waves so as to bounce the die, YET without letting any fall off!


Activity 4b: Die Bounce  - Fling them off!

…. Children and teacher stand up and hold parachute like a giant table.  Objective to create waves so as to die balls and fling them off. When all balls have been thrown off, every one sits down and forms an igloo.


At end of this activity, you as teacher can pick up thrown off die, or have the leaders only pick up the die of their house colour and put it in the appropriate crate so that it is readily available for the next round.