Station Name: Human Hoop Chain !

Type of Activity :  Teams event - relay

Station Leaders :

1.____________________      2. .____________________ 

3.____________________     4. .____________________


Equipment Needed: 4 lanes set up :  B Y R G

Ø     6x4 large hoops

Ø     4x1 small hoops B Y R G - one of each colour

Ø     4 broomsticks with bases  x2 to demarcate  the endpoints

Ø     4x1 small cards-  B Y R G - one of each colour  to position starting position of small house coloured hoop – edge of river side


























Objective is to cross the raging the river by building a human bridge from one end of the riverside to the other. Children get into position with leader in the house coloured small hoop – rest of team line up behind leader, with back leader being closest to the stack of hoops.

On signal, the back leader picks up one hoop from the stack behind and passes it down them until it reaches the front leader who places it on the floor in front of him/her. Hoops must touch each other. Front leader then steps/jumps into hoop placed in front, second child jumps into hoop vacated by leader, and back leader picks up yet another hoop to pass the line. The process is repeated until the children reach the opposite river end. Midway through the course, the back leader will need to pick up the hoop, which is behind him/her, to pass it down the line. Remind children that only one child can occupy a hoop.

When the opposite riverside is reached, the leader loops it through the broomstick base and stands into the hoop too. When another hoop has crossed the river, the leader passes also this hoop “through your body” and then can “save somebody” by pulling the teammate which is adjacent hoop over onto land. The process is repeated until all team members have been saved.

In case of absentees/class of 21/22 etc, the back leader might need to skip through 2 hoops to pass the hoop further down the line. Back leader must always retrieve the last hoop whilst being in the “before the last one” hoop from the end.


Upon completion of activity, children of each team call out the “Peace, friendship, brotherhood and sister hood” hip hip hurray – by putting their hands in the peace sign.



Children are simply lined up in their house colours as they should be – with the leader standing inside the small house coloured hoop and the rest of the team lined up between the small hoop and the Stack of hoops.