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Fun Field Day 2001



Physical Education Among Children Everywhere


Monday, 21 May 2001
Welcome to Peacelympics 2001
Let's build a better world together.

The San Andrea Early School PE programme, welcomes you to
a festival of physical activity that involves all the children, all the time

Here it is at last ! The count down to our annual physical education festival day based on the Field Day format that enables the children to maximise their participation in this exciting experience ! This year's theme is very special as we are participating in UNESCO's priority action for moving towards a just and peaceful global community as part of the "International decade for the Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the children of the world" strategy -hence PEACElympics 2001 ! The entire event revolves around promoting a culture of peace among people and an appreciation of our precious planet through education : indeed physical education is a most favourable medium for fostering and promoting positive behaviours of team-spirit, collaboration, participation, fair-play, multicultural appreciation, environmental awareness whilst obviously promoting healthy and active lifestyles through physical activity ! The title in indeed very close to our heart - look at the letter of the word "peace" :- PEACE as an acronym also represents "Physical Education Among Children Everywhere" and furthermore, during the lessons I have been encouraging the children to put in their best efforts and encouraged them to be a "PE - Ace !"

Peacelympics 2001 is going to be staged all around our beloved school premises ! And this year in addition to fun activities for all our pupils, concurrently this year, there will be loads of fun and exciting opportunities for you parents too as well as for the older brothers' and sisters' of our young Early School pupils. To this end, the entire school is being converted into an Olympic Park, and all the myriad of activities will be going on at the same time. Please bring the enclosed map with you, so that you will be able to find locations better on the day.

For those of you unfamiliar with this field day format, I briefly highlight this system. After the grand parade of the "PE-aces" , each class will start at a designated station and at regular time intervals, the classes rotate through a cycle of 8 stations, until by the end of the afternoon they would have completed a whole cycle of challenges along the way. The popular personal " Passport" will once again be worn by each child, and on meeting the challenges at each station, the passport will be stamped to signify that that the challenge at the station was met and surpassed!


As can be seen from the map , the children in Grade 1 and Grade 2 will this year be staged in the Early school Playground and Car park (St. 1-8) whilst the Grades 3-4 will be staged in the Tennis Court and Soccer pitch (St. 9-16). CLICK HERE FOR OVERVIEW OF MAP
Each of the stations has been carefully developed to reflect the theme whilst also being designed to show you the skills and concepts the children have been working on during their PE lessons this year. As usual the objective is to provide the children with a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities that aim to challenge all pupils in a fun yet educational manner. A variety of activities have been specifically designed to meet ability levels, needs and interests of all: - individual challenges, team challenges, class co-operative activities, participative activities - the whole lot! The emphasis is on being active, performing skilfully, personal achievement, teamwork and collaborative skills - all vital ingredients that pave the way for fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity, so very necessary for developing lifelong healthy habits. And this all whilst having fun and collaborating with others!
Since being part of a "family" proved to be very meaningful to our pupils, again this year the children in each class are divided into 4 Houses (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow) and their corresponding mascots (Dolphy, Froggy, Foxy and Jaggy). The entire Fitness Flamingo family are also joining us as special guests !
With such a set-up, we are thus inviting you parents to tour around the Olympic Park (following the paths designated by the solid arrows) and also join the spirit of the afternoon by being active yourselves ! You can do this at three locations - Soccer fungames will be staged in the Soccer pitch, Basketball fun games in the Middle School Yard and Collaborative Fun Games in the Car park.

Is that all ? Oh No ! There is still more to it !
We will end the official part of our field day by a grand party in the car park !! Volunteering parents and children have built up a great show to entertain us all and we are already looking forward to it. Will there be food ? YES !! In keeping with our health promotion objectives, the delicious and unusual SUBWAY sandwiches will be available for you to dig your teeth into. Every bite you take will support the purchase of new PE equipment for your children in Early School.

The very contagious "peace-environment virus" has also successfully affected the Fund Raising Committee - they just could not be inoculated against this infection and no vaccine was available either ! Thus, unlike as previously indicated, you will not find any ideas re how to keep your kids busy during the summer (after all that is your problem J !!) they are however jumping aboard the promoting "PEACE and ENVIRONMENT " bandwagon with their stalls and enthused involvement in the Drinking Stations and party.

Joking apart, there are certain things that we'd really like you to keep in mind when coming to school :-
1) The event starts at 4.15 p.m. - the children need to be rounded up by 4.10 p.m. in the Grade One playground. Accessible through the Middle School Gate.
2) PARKING : the San Anton Car-park will be available but this is obviously limited. We'd therefore like to ask you to park in such a way that an AMBULANCE can drive through (it could be in your own interest). To this end, parking will only be allowed by the police on the RIGHT HAND SIDE when driving down towards the school from the main road.
3) CAPS and SUNBLOCK: please ensure that your children are safe guarded vs the harmful rays of the sun.
4) RESPECT CORDING OFF : Barriers are purposely set up to ensure that your children will maximise the learning opportunities of the event and maximise safety. You will be able to follow and observe your children through the designated corridors -please DO NOT cross any barriers or tape. We are expecting your full cooperation on this to ensure the success of this event for your children
5) Dress : Please come dressed comfortably - with appropriate footwear especially if your would like to join the fun games. This applies to older siblings too.

We conclude this circular by thanking once again all those parents and pupils who have been involved and will continue to be involved in this special event !


Yours truly in Physical Education


Ms. Marina
"Committed to making PE a PEAK EXPERIENCE for ALL kids !"



Ms. Maria Bartolo
Early School Asst. Head


We are a PE-ACE poem

We are a PE Ace !

As a PE-Ace,
We promise to do our best in everything we do -
today on this special day, and all other days !

We promise to play with enthusiasm, fairplay and teamspirit.
We promise to look after and respect our team mates as well as all others !

We promise to take part in a way that also is respectful of the world around us !

We promise to look after this wonderful world in which we live even when we play our games.

We are all one big family on this globe which we call the world,
And being a PE-Ace we know we CAN make a difference to bring PEACE in the world



Description of Station Activities for

GRADE 1 (4 year olds)

GRADE 2 (5 year olds)

Station 1: Run for Freedom :The ultimate dash of the afternoon! Just look at how nimble the children are as they leap over obstacles in their path.

Station 2: Your Turn my Friend Shape Challenge: children explore their equipment in a creative manner, whilst developing body co-ordination and strength. Various movement possibilities are encouraged and the creative solutions the children can exhibit are really amazing!

Station 3: Move in Harmony! Together with the Music Teacher, Ms. Ruth, the children perform various action songs, aimed at developing the sense of rhythm and beat. Besides nurturing creative body movements and an awareness of body parts, such action songs motivate children to participate and keep active in a fun yet educational manner!

Station 4: Disks for Peace: This station is a breather for the kids - they will be provided with a water break and also a creative opportunity to draw their "disc of peace" using crayons.

Station 5: Colourful Doves! Thunder of Hunter?
:As the colourful doves take flight into the sky two things threaten their safety - thunder or hunters? The children love this space awareness challenge, which enables them to save their "family" in a collaborative way.

Station 6 :It's a Colourful World: Lasting friendships are created through co-operative fun whilst the children are immersed in a world of colour and floating sensations.

Station 7: Peace Shuttle
:The objective of this event is to foster teamwork through the transferring of various treasures from the PEACE chest to the each house colour's treasure chest! Do cheer them on as they collaborate on this activity in a fun way

Station 8: Hands for Peace: This is another breather station that provides the children with a water break and also the opportunity to symbolise and immortalise their participation by painting their handprints!


Description of Stations for

GRADES 3 (6 year olds)

GRADES 4 (7 year olds)

Station 9: Save the water! In this station each team is engaged in a quest to save Water! With nothing else at hand, foam balls will be used to absorb as much water as possible from the pool. Each of the teams passes their soaked foam balls down their line to squeeze the water into their home buckets. Besides fostering teamwork, this event promotes agility and dexterity.

Station 10: Doing it for the heart: A journey into the world of "How My Body Works" as the children become the blood cells and travel through an exploration of the circulatory system, as they learn what happens to the human body during exercise. This larger than life human body trip, promises to be a stimulating experience for the children and yourselves alike!

Station 11: Food Traffic lights Shuttle: This team event features the children demonstrating their understanding of the Food choices. This year we have learnt that all foods have an important part to play in our diet - from fruit and vegetables to Sugars and sweets. It is the quantities of these foods that are the crucial health choice! Using the traffic lights system we have worked on classifying our food choices -come and see how the teams' collaboration and sportsmanship are also vital ingredients on this Station!

Station 12 Hands for Peace: This is another breather station that provides the children with a water break and also the opportunity to symbolise and immortalise their participation by painting their hand prints

Station 13: Bronco Scramble
: The challenge of the day! The kids face the scooter and obstacle challenges on this quest! The kids will amaze you with their prowess in this fast challenge! Station 14: Human Hoop Chain. This is a problem-solving game as the children attempt to cross the raging river with great ingenuity! Watch the human bridge they are able to construct with great team spirit.


Station 14: Human Hoop Chain. This is a problem-solving game as the children attempt to cross the raging river with great ingenuity! Watch the human bridge they are able to construct with great team spirit.


Station 15: Earth Parachute Play:
This colourful piece of equipment is a true and tried out favourite with the kids! Parachutes provide an interesting means of accomplishing physical fitness goals whilst providing excellent co-operative group learning experiences!

Station 16: Disks for Peace:This station is a breather for the kids - they will be provided with a water break and also a creative opportunity to draw their "disc of peace" using crayons.


As the children moved from Station to Station, their participation, enthusiasm, teamwork and effort was permanently recorded in their Passports. Each child had his/her Personal passport.

In addition to the stations for the children, the emphasis was also educating for environmental awareness. Amongst the stalls, we had the "Save the Maltese Dophins" stand.

Samples of the children's art work. The photo above on the left indicates the "Doves for Peace" H.W. which the children created as part of the PE home assignments. At the end of the event, these were released into the air attached with thread onto a strand of the Helium filled balloons . The original plan of releasing one balloon per child (a total of 320+) was modified as this would not have been consistent with the environmental awareness message we sought to promote. Thus we released 4 biodegradable balloons per class for a total of 64 balloons carrying 329 paper doves.(In Peacelympic 2002, we will be using recycled paper).

The photo to the right shows samples of the "Disks of Peace" which the children drew at their stations. All the paper plates were collected at the end of field day and put on display in our school. We suspended them from the ceiling using string.


Field Day would not be complete without our Mascots and the Trophies. Each of the houses earns a Trophy since all the children from all the houses participated and strived to be "PE-Aces" ! The emphasis is always on fostering teamspirit and involving everyone in a collaborative manner. The photo of the right shows samples of the white flags that were presented to the children at the closing of the event. They children were also awarded their participation medal which sported the Peacelympics logo.

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