Station Name:   Peace Shuttle : Please pass the treasure !

Type of Activity :  Teams event - relay

Station Leaders :

1.____________________      2. .____________________ 

3.____________________     4. .____________________


Equipment Needed: 4 lanes set up :  B Y R G

Ø     4 crates B Y R G - one of each colour at the end of lane.-one of each colour at the end of line (Position 6) containing 6 food items

Ø     4 x3-red-yellow-green-TRAFFIC-LIGHT crates for each lane (one of each colour at the end of lane. B Y R G

Ø      5 green tires (Positions 5,4,3,2,1) with corresponding NUMBER CARD affixed to floor

Ø      5 blue tires (Positions 5,4,3,2,1) with corresponding NUMBER CARD affixed to floor

Ø      5 red tires (Positions 5,4,3,2,1) with corresponding NUMBER CARD affixed to floor

Ø      5 yellow tires (Positions 5,4,3,2,1) with corresponding NUMBER CARD affixed to floor

Number cards put on floor next to tyres.  Set up station as 6 children in each team to compensate for classes of 21 and any absentees.

In a class of 20 children START FROM POSITION 5  and take the treasure chest to position 5 for all houses – ignore number card 6 which will be nailed to the ground (for Class of 19, there will be one empty position 4)







In a class of 21 children set the treasure chest at position 6 to accommodate the groups of 6.







The objective is for all five treasures to move one at a time, (from the end line bucket), down the line of children, and put into the  "treasure chest" at the front of the lane.  This is repeated until 5 treasures are transferred by each team.


Baton : Tube of friendship

Playground Ball : Friendship jewel

BeanBag : Friendship pillow

Whale : Gentle giant

Frisbee : Friendship squeeze



The child at Position 5/6 (depending on the class), picks up the treasure as indicated by the class teacher. 

On signal, the children at the starting line, runs down to the child at a position further up the line (sitting on the edge of the tyre with feet out and is looking back to see approaching runner).  Once the treasure is exchanged, the passer sits in place of the child who was seated on the tire edge. When a child has received treasure, he/she must get up from the tyre, and run down and pass it to the to the child further down the line …5 to 4, etc… repeat until child at 1, puts the treasure in the treasure chest. 


NB: If there is no one at position 5 or in the case of any absentees in any position, the runner-giver child has to touch the “treasure” to the ground in the tyre-centre just the same, and pick it up and pass is down the to the next child. … etc.



When all the houses have completed the treasure transfer the teacher, checks that all house have passed down the treasure (placing is not important … but passing the treasure is… in a nice way from person to person, and working together as a team).  The teacher then asks, 

Did you help each other to pass the treasure ?

Did you enjoy working with your friends ?

Did the the blues pass the treasure… the reds… the yellows… the greens… then everybody Hip Hip !! Hurray !

Now are you all ready to pass the next treasure ? You may go back to your place when I say my magic word … "GO".

Thus on 'GO' children run back to their original position, and helpers give child at position 6 another treasure… repeat until all treasures have been passed.




Remind children what they have to do, esp., if absent child remind that empty tire has to be "touched"

Encourage the children to have FUN!

v      Is every body in place -  check that kids are sitting on edge of tire.

v      Are you ready to pass the “Treasure” down the line 

v      … GO !


 In the case of a class of 21.

There will be three teams that have the child at position 6 having to touch the tire at Position 5, and run the extra leg, down to position 4.

 In the case of absentees: Empty tire is sign that child as though child is there, and has to be touched by child before her/him.