Station Name: It’s a colourful world ! !  

Type of Activity :  Class co-operative activity

Station Leaders: 


1._____________Tel _______                                                            2. ._____________Tel _______  


This activity is lead by the class teacher. The responsibility of the station leaders is to set up equipment required, retrieve thrown off equipment and re-set station. 


Equipment Needed


OBJECTIVE: this is a class co-operative activity. Important that children work all together doing the same thing, following teacher directions.


ARRANGEMENT: Divide children according to their house colour around the parachute (no segment must be left empty – if need be, help children space themselves).


HOLDING THE PARACHUTE: An under-grip with thumb on top is used. Always start the children holding the parachute at approx. waist level - have them open it out like a giant colourful table.


HINT: the children tend to get excited in this activity. Emphasise that they must work together with you!  To get them into position, parachute flat on floor and call out house colours individually and direct pupils to their position.


In the case of absentees: Nothing is done


ACTIVITY 1. Ring a ring of Roses

Equipment: Parachute only


Children spaced out around parachute, at waist level

and move together with you in clockwise direction

"Ring a ring of roses,

A pocket full of poses


A Big wave - by putting Parachute Up and hold for 2 counts and lower. Repeat



Children go under parachute and hide!


We all go under".  



Activity 2 :  ABC sing along


Abc –to Z :  Children hold the parachute with one hand (the side with San Andrea School logo – ie the left side) – and walk around in ANTI-CLOCKWISE direction , waving their other arm and singing the Alphabeth.  After reaching “Z” –stop- ask children to hold the parachute with the other hand (right), turn their body and walk in CLOCKWISE DIRECTION singing the alphabeth till “Z.  CONTINUE REST OF SONG SLOWLY TO ALLOW ACTING OUT

On “XYZ sugar and Bread” children mime these eating words – reach for teaspoon of sugar from chute, then pretend to eat a  panina.

On “ If you don’t like it go to bed” – children lie down on floor and pull the parachute over them like a blanket

On “ Get up in the morning” – children remain on floor – but seated and stretch up their arms like they’d do in the morning…

On “ And go to school” : Children stand up and stretch out the parachute like a large table”
On “And tell your teacher how do you do” – children hold parachute with one hand, and extend the other arm to the parachute to salute the teacher.



ACTIVITY 3. Dice count.


Equipment: Teacher reaches for ONE of the die.

Whilst children hold parachute like a table, the teacher tosses the die into the air, catch it and show the children a number on the die.  Ask the children what number it is, and on signal “Go”, children jump in place whilst holding onto the parachute. Repeat a few times.



ACTIVITY 4.   Keep it on !

Equipment : ALL DIE.

Teacher places all the die on the parachute held like a giant table  and encourages the children to create waves so as to move all the die, WITHOUT LETTING IT FALL OFF! .




Equipment: Parachute and four-foam die


Children and teacher stand up and hold parachute like a giant table.  Objective to create waves so as to move die and fling them off. When all die have been thrown off, the children get into the IGLOO position.


NB: Do not tell children to get the die. A helper will be with you on the day and will retrieve the die.