Station Name:   Save the Colourful Doves (Thunder and Hunter)

Type of Activity :  Class Game of space awareness and colour recognition signals. 


Station Leaders :

·                    1._____________Tel _______      2. ._____________Tel _______ 

·                    3._____________Tel _______     4. ._____________Tel _______


Equipment Needed:

Delimiting policeman - tape to mark off the "sea water"

6        polyspots of each colour - 6 green, 6 blue, 6 red, 6 yellow (extra ones to compensate for extra children in classes of 21/22). (There must be a poly spot for every child).

2 tires

Equipment set up:

The polyspots are to be placed on the ground in scatter formation, well spaced from each other. Tyres are at one side stacked atop each other  - this is the nest. Teacher stands out side the “sky”










Children are to find a "home" (poly spot of same house colour) for themselves… within the "sky".  Children are invited to fly about in the general space by the teacher, and on "Thunder", the children are to run back to their home to take shelter from the storm. Teacher also counts 5,4,3,2,1 and by 1, all the children have to be on their home, otherwise the doves will get drenched.

On the another call the teacher calls out “HUNTER” (instead of Thunder) and the children have to run home to save their lives. The teacher attempts to catch a dove… and if successful takes the child over to her "nest" to put it in a cage – but the hunter is greedy and wants to catch another dove.  So game is repeated, with the children moving in the general space (backwards/swinging arms backwards /different ways), and teacher too flies in the sky. In the meantime the children of the same house as the "prisoner" can attempt to save their family member. When teacher calls "THUNDER" and runs home for shelter too , catches no one, and returns to the nest, she finds that her prey has escaped !!!" Wow ! This is not fair ! Where is the dove that I caught ?" (to check that same house family member(s) rescued the child)…"What am I going to eat?" etc etc.. And repeat. etc This game aims to aims to work on the children's' awareness of space, directions, etc and encourage teamwork.