Station Name : Hands for Peace Drinking Station


Station Leaders :

1.____________________tel ________

2.____________________tel ________

3.____________________tel ________



Equipment Needed :

      WATER & Tables for Drinks round up

      Umbrellas ?

      Large Basins for rinsing the cups

      Large Basin for Ice

      Cups (keep for recycling)

      Garbage Bags

      Low tables (from classes for the Art Work Needs - with Canvas. Aluminum trays and paint; TOWELS, permanent markers to write pupils name next to hand print that they do)

      Canvas Material 9m by 1m


Activity :

Children stop at this station to rest and have a drink, together with the class teachers and her helpers. If any children need to go to the bathroom, this is the time to do it ! The children will also have time to colour and paint their hand print name on the canvas sheet of their grade level.