Station Name: Your Turn my friend Shape Challenge 

Type of Activity :  Teams activities (free play)


Station Leaders:   1.____________________      2.____________________  


This activity is lead by the CLASS TEACHER. The responsibility of the station leaders is to set up equipment required and to assist children in good turn taking at the play stations and appropriate lining up. The parents accompanying the class teachers should also assist in this if needed.


Equipment Needed: 4 lanes set up :  B Y R G  

Orange tape

4 gates (B Y R G  )

4 Shapes

4x3 Poly Spot Round rs

4x2 Star Poly spots

4x1 Foam Squares on starting line






Organisation: Teacher divides class into the four house colours – leader stands on starting square the colour of the house. Upon signal children start and are encourages to go through the route in different ways. When a child had completed the route, passing through the gate, shape and over the stepping stones, they return to the next child in line, shake hands and say “Your turn my friend”, and goes to the back of the line.

Emphasis on children taking turns and lining up appropriately at back of the line.