Station Name: Run for FREEDOM!

Type of Activity :  Individual Race

Station Leaders

1.____________________                             2.____________________  

3._____________ _______                            4.____________________  


Equipment Needed:














Activity :

Children at seated behind waiting masking tape line – in their house colours and in the appropriate order. Upon signal from the class teacher the first child from each house colour stands up and moves up to the starting line.

On signal they are to run down their lane, jumping over the quoits, dice and cones until they reach the finish line and jump into the tire.



Children are SEATED lined up at in their house colours behind the waiting line (masking tape). 

Teacher stands in Mid-playground in back to the wall position: After checking that the equipment is set appropriately (just in case some kids kick them over), teachers can call out the kids for the race.


Directions: On "Next child move down to the green line" the child at the front of each house moves down to the starting line and stands with two feet together on their house colour spot (no toes peeking).

On signal, "Are you looking at your treasures and tire? "… "… "Go"…


Class teacher, who stands in mid-playground, then asks the children “Did you have fun running and jumping? Wow – how fast you all were!  etc Then “Let us see how many champions we have!” – and the children step out of the tire, and move towards the teacher who does the “Champion Hip Hip Hurray”  call and children raise arms into the air.  Teacher then asks children to wait on their house colour spot – and upon signal again from teacher, return to the team (by passing by the wall, and to the back of their line).


NB : In the meantime the parent who is with you can supervise the children waiting turn and help them to move down to the starting line (esp. if the kids miss your “Next child move down to the starting line”.


Regarding the race: all you have to ensure is that there is a child from each house colour on the starting line. If there is a child missing, just have the next in line step in.  (If children are absent or you have a class of 21/22)