Station Name: Just do it for your heart.

Type of Activity: Teams co-operative event + free play

Station Leaders:

1.____________________                                                     2. __________________

3._____________ _______                                                              4. ___________________


Equipment Needed:

q       2 Hand Posters each with crate attached to it

q       2 Foot Posters : each with crate attached to it

q       (6) (6) scarves for juggling

q       (3) (3) Black elastic bands

q       (6) (6) beanbags (for under-hand throws)

q       (6) (6) hoops

q       (12) (12) Pringle Cans

q       (6) (6) Jump Ropes/HOP SCOTCH boards

q       (12)(12) Plastic Ice-cream Cones


q       6) (6) SCOOPS (for throw and catch)

q       16 red tyres (3 @ at each arm)

q       HEART DRAWING on CLOTH (White)

q       16 blue tyres (5 @ each leg).



q       Several Blue Toilet Paper rolls (at either hand and foot)


q       Several RED toilet Paper rolls (in lung pick up area).


q       4 white crates  (one at each limb)


q       4 black crates at lungs



Activity : Children are the "blood cells" travelling through the human body. Objective of this station is for the children to explore the path taken by a red blood cell, in its journey through the circulatory system.



Each of the house colours is assigned a limb and on signal can start utilising the equipment available.  The children are free to choose whichever piece of equipment they like, and perform any activity (individually, in pairs/group). The Teacher then moves up to TWO house colours (BOTH ARMS or BOTH LEGS), and upon signal the children put away (APPROPRIATELY) the equipment being used, pick up a Blue Toilet Paper roll from the Crate on the Hand, and line up behind Team leader.

 On signal they travel through the Circulatory system by first stepping through the blue tyres, then onto the blue route, travelling into the heart (BLUE SIDE) then the lungs (where they exchange a the Blue toilet paper roll for a RED toilet paper roll), then back into the Heart (THE RED SIDE) and then onto the Red route… then the Red tyres as they travel back to their limb. Upon arrival they put the RED toilet paper roll in the crate on the hand, and then can walk to the equipment of their choice and resume free practice.  Teacher moves onto another limb where the other twp teams are located and the same procedure is repeated with other houses too. Eventually the class teacher swops teams - the teams at the either hand, exchange places with the teams on either foot.




AT THE FEET : The teacher can direct one house to follow the other  (no preferred order).

AT THE HANDS : To avoid crossing over, first have the LEFT HAND GROUP TRAVEL AND ONCE THIS GROUP HAVE REACHED THE HEART- LUNG CENTRE, the RIGHT hand group can be signalled to continue.