Passport to America Field Day


Welcome to the Lowes Island Passport to America Field Day. The students will be visiting different state stations performing skills that pertain to a fun fact about that state. Students will be physically active, and learn important facts about the USA. Each class will have their own state passport which will be stamped at each state station.


The Passport to America Field Day will be held on the following days:


June 3rd-1st and 2nd graders from 9-12PM

June 6th-3r-5th graders from 9-12PM

June 7th-Kindergarten 9-10:30 and 12-1:30PM


Each station will have a governor who will explain and run the station. The governor will have a clip board which will hold the “stamps” and the directions to run that state station. When the class is finished with the station, the manager will stamp their state passport. The stations will be 10 minutes in length. There will be a 5 minute travel time to the next station. One station will be where the students go to the bathroom, get water and receive a popsicle. Classes will not be able to go to all the stations. If your class does not get to the bathroom/water and snack station, you may go to that station after your last station is completed.


Each teacher will divide her class into 4 equal teams. We want to emphasize that these are cooperative, not competitive activities. We also want to encourage the students to try and complete each state challenge.


Volunteers please meet in the gym at 8:00 AM. The Kindergarten PM volunteers should meet in the gym at 11:30 AM. We want to thank all of our volunteers. We know our field day would not be successful without all of your help.




Linda Thompson and Robin Peterson