Activity: Apple pickers

Equipment: paper apples, 30 poly spots or cones or bases

Formation: teams of 4

Players scatter polyspots or cones or bases out in your work area. As they are doing this, the leader will put paper apples under the object. On leaders signal, the first person in the line will run out, peek under the polyspot or cone. If they find an apple, take the apple back to the group. If they do not find an apple, they still return to their group, but, try to remember which spot they looked under so not to look there again. When first player returns, next in line goes. Do not need another signal. Continue this procedure for several minutes. Leader says stop. Now, groups count to see how many apples they found. Try again. Kids will need to turn their backs while leader hides the apples. Before this group leaves, have them hide the apples for the next group.