Activity: Shooting the Seven Bends in Woodstock, Virginia and Massanutten Mountain

Equipment: 3-6 scooters, cotton jump rope, plungers the seven curves will be painted on the gym floor and they are to stay inside the river!! (inside the lines). and numbers on for the order of the mountain climb

Formation: 3 students on 3 scooters

3 students on 3 scooters with jump rope tied around them (the canoe) as they must stay together-may need to tie two jump ropes together. Use oars (plungers or hands) to maneuver the canoe through course of 7 curves Do not tell them but they will eventually learn to hook legs around one another to stay linked). You can have 2 groups go at a time as I do not think there will be room for a 3rd group (if there is room for a third group, get 3 more scooters).