New Mexico

Activity: Clown Game-this is played at holiday gatherings (A Zuni Indian game)

Equipment: 6 skippys (hardest-for grades 3,4), 6 deck tennis rings (easiest-for grades K,1), 6 bean bags (medium-for grade 2), one goal (soccer goal if it is not windy; 2 cones if it is windy)

Formation: group seated on a line and each with a piece of equipment.

Hook the cord of the skippy or the ring over your toe; put the bean bag on the top of your foot. Lie on your back with your head toward the goal. ONLY on signal, kick foot up and back, flinging the ball and string or bean bag or ring down the field. After everyone has kicked once, run to where your object landed and keep repeating the process. If the player flings the ball past the goal and not through the goal, they join the person who is farthest from the goal and begin again. In class, we had to go in order and not just keep taking turns-so no one would get hit with the object or get in the way of someone else's object.