Activity: Cereal Capitol of the US

Equipment: 50 cereal boxes, 50 bean bags so you put one bean bag in each box, stop watch

Formation: 2 teams

Everyone stands a cereal box somewhere out in the work area. Team 1, on signal, will run out and carefully knock down all the boxes by using their hand (if they hit the box to hard, the box will break). When all boxes are down, they return to the start at which time the stop watch will time the group to see how long it took them to complete.

Team 2, on signal, will run out and stand each box up. When done, hurry back and that is when the stop watch will stop. Remember the times.

Now, team 2 knocks down the boxes and tries to beat team 1's knock down time. Team 1 stands up boxes and tries to beat team 2's set up time. They could do it again and try to beat their own time