Activity: Clamming

Equipment: swimming pool with water, marbles, paper towels, waste basket, bowls, 12 kindergarten chairs

Formation: students stand around the pool if too many in the group, have half the students go the first time and the other half go the second time

Sit away from pool and take one shoe and sock off. Lie on ground with legs up in air so that teacher (leader, teacher, or parent) can check to be sure no cut or sore is on the foot--if there is, put that shoe on and take the other shoe and sock off. Then, stand up and walk around the pool, sit on a chair On signal, put barefoot in pool. Using toes, pick up a clam (marble) and put it in the dish. Continue until leader asks you to stop and count the clams Leader, go about one minute. When counted, tell everyone how many clams you collected. Walk to drying area and it is Partners turn.

If time, do it a second time. When all done, student gets 1 paper towel to dry foot and put shoe on. Be sure they dry in between their toes. Put paper towel in garbage can!