Activity: Scavenger Hunt

Equipment: 30 cones or polyspots or footprints, 10 items

Information: Mardi Gras colors are purple, green, and gold. They would make Gumbo Soup. 2 people would ride their horses to anothers home where they would sing and dance; then, someone from the home would give them an ingredient for soup e.g. a chicken the three of them would ride to anothers home, sing and dance, pick up another item for the soup e.g. noodles. This continues until the whole town was together and they all helped cooked the Gumbo!

Formation: groups of 3 students in a line.

The first person in the line runs to one object in the area, lift the object up, see if there is something under it; if you find something, bring it to your group, if not, return and the next person will go to find an object.

Students in the line keep taking turns. You could see which line finds the most objects. You could assign each line a specific object to find (if they would find something such as a balloon and they were to find beads, then, they would hide the balloon so the balloon group would have to look for it.