Activity: Run for the roses

Equipment: 2 trays, 2 glasses, 2 buckets of water

Formation: relay formation of 2 teams; each team in a line

Waiters/waitresses race while carrying beverage tray of glasses filled with water. First person in line puts whatever amount of water he/she would like in the glass, then, put the glass on the tray.

Kindergarten and first grade may want a little water; 4th grade may want a lot; it is up to the person.

Carry the tray in your open hand, carry above your shoulder, fingers pointing away from the direction you will be going.
Carry the tray to the line and back.
Next person may add or delete water and carries tray with glass of water.
Continue until each person has had a turn.
When your water bucket gets low, have 2 students from your group go and get more water (see Mrs. Hansen).