Kansas (you will have 2 groups at this station)

Activity: Sunflower

Equipment: parachute

Formation: circle on the floor at least as large as the blue circle in the gym

Students around the parachute stand around the parachute, one person per color. Hold on with thumbs under the chute and fingers on top.

Practice making the umbrella. All kneel down on one knee, leader says 1-2-3 up and everyone comes up at the same time, raising chute overhead. Once they can do the umbrella, then, make the dome or center of the sunflower.

Make the umbrella, then, pull it down, kneel on the edge of the chute and seal the edges---this will be the center. Once they can make the dome. Make the dome, then, keeping knees on chute, lie on chute students are the petals and the center of the chute is the sunflower.

You can go inside the chute if you need more time. Start kneeling, leader says 1-2-3 up, when they are up, listen for the leader to say down and they pull the chute down and sit inside. One person can tell a story or the leader can tell something about Kansas