Iowa (there will be 2 groups at this station)

Activity: Popcorn

Equipment: parachute, small balls for popcorn

Formation: scattered and circle around parachute

Students are scattered and will imitate a popcorn kernel popping as the leader directs them. First, you are the kernel in the popper then, you are rolling around in oil as the fire gets hotter. You begin to pop (jump up and down low) pretty soon you are popping all over the popcorn popper or bag in the microwave.

NOW, stand around the parachute, one person per color hold on with thumbs under the chute and fingers on top start shaking the chute and leader will toss the popcorn on top. If popcorn falls off, someone can get it and put it back on may need to rest by doing slow waves, then, pop popcorn again.