Activity: Bowling the Maika Stone

Equipment: 14 shuffleboard discs, 15 cones/pins for goals

Formation: Individuals line up across from a goal which is 6"-12"; each person has a disc

The stone used in Hawaii is a wood stone that is 6" in diameter (ours are much larger). This was a popular professional sport that was done during festivals. Some people could bowl through the goal from 30-40 yards away and some from 100 yards!

For us, students should start about 20' away from the goal. They roll the disc on edge and try to roll it through their goal. The game is played to 21 points. 3 points for rolling the disc through the goal; 1 point for getting very close to the goal and not going through.

Did you know that the Hawaiian alphabet had 12 letters and every word ends in a vowel?