Activity: Fishies Across the Ocean

Equipment: 2 nerf balls

Formation: students on a line; one person in the center

Center person (octopus) is holding a nerf ball. Octopus calls "swim Fishies, swim" and the fishies (class) attempt to get to the other side without getting tagged by a held nerf ball. If tagged, sit down and they become seaweed planted on the ocean bottom. Seaweed people may wave their arms around and may also tag Fishies as they swim through the ocean. Any Fishie that is tagged by Seaweed must become Seaweed too.

Game keeps repeating just like ships across the ocean.

When there are at least 2 fishies sitting, the stand up and join hands to become an electric eel. The outside 2 hands are joined and they attempt to catch the fishies that cross the ocean. When an eel becomes 4 in number, they split up so that there are never more than 4 people to make an eel. If this is too difficult for the "it" , you, the leader can help, or you can select.