Arkansas and Delaware

Activity: Diamond Bearer

Equipment: 2-3 small objects to represent the diamonds(small stone)

Formation: Two lines facing one another (like on the black lines at the end of the gym); one team on each line

One team starts as the diamond bearers. This team has 2-3 people hide the diamond in their hand. All team members close hands to pretend that they have the diamond in their hand. On the signal, the diamond team tries to cross the other teams' side without getting tagged. If tagged, stop and show hands to opponents. Once they cross the other teams' end line they score 1 point for their team. If the diamond bearer makes it across without being tagged, they score 3 points.

The score is added up and the diamonds are given to the other team. The sequence is repeated with the same rules. Children who travel outside of the boundary lines are automatically caught. We will paint or rope off a boundary for you