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Name of Activity:

Noodles Can't Balance Educational Gymnastics

Purpose of Activity:

To teach students the various concepts they need to know and practice to perform a variety of static balances (tight muscles, symmetrical / non-symmetrical, inverted / upright, couterbalance / countertension).


Students will need experience with tightening their muscles to make their bodies rigid and capable of balancing. They should also have had some experience with supporting their weight on their hands (fully or partially).

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Newer version of Power Point gymnastics power point, folding gymnastics mats (1 mat for every 3-4 students).

Gymnastics power point with lots of images for students to replicate. (Older Versions of Powerpoint)

Gymnastics power point with lots of images for students to replicate. (PDF)

Description of Idea

The teacher can either project or copy the educational slides off of the static balance power point. The teacher chooses which concept they want to teach on any given day (tight muscles, symmetrical / non-symmetrical, inverted / upright, counter-balance / counter-tension, aesthetic appeal (does it look good). They show the appropriate pictures to the students and then print off pictures from the power point that exemplify these concepts. The students then try to replicate the balances shown in the pictures. They can also create static balances of their own that show their knowledge of the concepts.

Gymnastics power point with lots of images for students to replicate. (Older Versions of Powerpoint)

Gymnastics power point with lots of images for students to replicate. (Newer Versions of Powerpoint)

Gymnastics power point with lots of images for students to replicate. (PDF)

Assessment Ideas:

The teacher can take digital photos of the students performing various balance concepts (i.e inverted balance, non-symmetrical balance, etc.) as evidence of learning. The teacher can also place 2-3 pictures on a 1/2 sheet of paper and ask the students to circle the balances that represents the concept you are assessing (i.e. symmetrical balance).

Teaching Suggestions:

Multiple lessons can be formed by using the educational gymnastics power point on PE Central as a guide.

Spotting should not be required. Otherwise, the student is not ready to perform that balance yet.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

Students can perform static balances at various levels (e.g., low level), and can use other students for support in multi-person balances. Students can use the wheelchair or walker of a student to perform counter-balances, etc.

Submitted by Ken Bell who teaches at Boise State University in Boise, ID. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/8/2012.
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Noodles Can't Balance Educational Gymnastics

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kids love the idea when implemeneted to them.


I was able to open the powerpoint without any problems.

Jeanne LaVana

I could not open any of thw powerpoint presentations. Need help???

Calvin Brymer

I can't get the powerpoint slides to open. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


There is really no point in keeping this up if the power point can not be opened. I tried to open it without success and was disappointed. I am sure that it is great. :(


Wednesday, November 9, 2011
I could not open.


Having difficulty opening the slides. Any ideas I emailed the person that sent this idea in but didn't get a response.

Can not open [ower point slides. Is there a different way to get this information?

Judy T

Can not open the power point slides. Is there a diffent way to get this information?

E. Truax

I used the pictures for my class. My students loved practicing it all and loved educational gynmastics something they had never done.

K. G.

Still can't open it.

Coach A

In order to open the PP, you have to save it when the prompt appears. Then once saved, it will allow you to view the PP.

sylvie Plante

I teach physical education in Ontario and love to visit your website for ideas. This particular was great. Loved the power point and printable images.

Thanks and good work!


Thank you for the PP....Love it.... :) ...

From Puerto Rico....


I also can't open the power point

marisela Tamayo

I really enjoy the power point. Iam taking a class at fresno pacific university and I haw to do a power point using gymnastic in a preschhol setting so I need some ideas that are age appropiate for preschoolers maybe you can help me with resourses I really like all the pictures you guys took for your presentation. After I saw your power point presentation I been thinking maybe I should learn more about gymnastic and teach my 4 years daugther a little bit too. Thank you for the chance yoou guys give us letthing us watch your power point presentation. My email is


Glad I'm not the only one. I can't get it to open either. :0(


I would love to see the powere point but it won't open!!!

kaye witte

how come I can't open the powerpoint?

Shelly Sharp

This is fabulous! Thank you so much!

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