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Name of Activity:

Bone Skit

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of the activity is to engage the students in higher level thinking to be able to use anatomical terminology while performing a skit.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Print out of the storyline and props if you want to include them. You must have reviewed the basic bones of the body to be able to begin. I use the DEM BONES LESSON on PE Central as a precursor to this lesson.

Description of Idea

Scene One: A boy in one car, one girl in another car and a police officer waiting at the curb. Also have a director that stands behind the audience to help out the actors if they get stuck.

Rules: you cannot do anything before the narrator reads the story.

Audience participating: They buzz whenever the bee is mentioned and they do the siren sound everytime the police officer is mentioned.

Story: One day ________(boy) was driving with his metacarpals on the steering wheel when a bee entered his window and he begins to swat the air with his phalanges. The bee swooped down and stung him on the cartilage part of his ear.

As this was going on a _____(girl) drove up next to him and began waving her metatarsals out the window throwing her tibia and fibula in the air.

Immediately the boy shrugged his clavicle and smiled brightly and showed off his humerous. The girl responded by shaking her cranium from side to side indicating that she was not interested in the boy but also had a bee in her car that she had been swatting at with her metatarsals trying to stomp it out on the floor.

Both boy and girl were being attacked by bees in their car with their clavicle shrugging and rib cage rising and pelvis wriggling in the seat in hopes of not being stung.

Due to their irratic driving, a police officer pulls them both over and says, “Put your metacarpals on your cranium”. Step out of the car by bending your pelvis and patellas and getting out of the vehicle. Now, please bend your vertebrae over the front of the car. Now just to make sure no one was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, we will conduct a simple test. Please sqat down using your femur 3 times. Next, touch your cartilage on your nose with the tip of your metacarpal, switching hands for 4 times.
Both people tried to lift their radius and ulna and complained that the handcuffs were too tight.

Suddenly the two bees attacked the police officer. He went right to his patellas and the bees began buzzing around his femur. He started jumping up and down kicking his tibia and fibula trying to scare the bees away. Just then, the bees decided to both land on the police officers sternum. The boy and girl stared at the bee and started to tip toe on their phalanges silently trying to get close to the bees. As the girl raised her left metacarpal in the air and prepared to strike, the bee flew off and stung her on the cartilage of her nose.


Assessment Ideas:

Have the students create their own skits using all the bones you discuss in class.

Teaching Suggestions:

The teacher needs to create a rubric for assessment purposes PRIOR to teaching this lesson idea. Students will then be able to use this rubric to create their own skit and/or assess others.

Submitted by Connie Sheets who teaches at King's Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, GA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/18/2009.
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Bone Skit

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Julie Starks

This lesson worked extremely well for my 5th - 8th graders especially the "create your own skit" suggestion for further study. Their skits were creative and the repetition of following classmates skits reinforced the bone names and proper location. I know use bone names during warmups to further re-inforce the lesson.

kimani wilson

i found this rubric to b ver y important

Gabriel C. Barkers

I love Physical Education as person,So I am trying to impact the knowledge to the up coming kids.

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