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Name of Activity:

Emotions in Motion

Academic content:


Purpose of Activity:

This activity is an ice breaker that will allow students to get to know others in the class besides the ones they are comfortable with. It incorporates English and the ideas of adjectives.


The students would need to know some of the movements that are on the cards. They also need to know what an adjective is and how to have a friendly discussion with someone that they don't know.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Laminated cards that have emotions on them (2 copies each). Music played while students do the activity is optional.

Physical activity:

various movements dealing with Emotions

Description of Idea

Scatter cards around the play space. Students are asked to start by doing a movement around the classroom (skipping, hopping, jumping, running, etc.). When instructed they will find a card, pick it up, read it, and perform what is on it so everyone can see each other do what is listed on the card. While everyone is doing this, the students must be looking around the room to see who else is doing the same motions/actions that they are. Once the student finds who is doing the same thing, they visit that person and start asking questions to get to know them better. The game then continues until everyone has paired up with everyone once. If people meet up more than once, they must come up with another movement they would like to do or share more information if they have more to share.


This activity can be utilized with kindergarten on up. Words can be modified for older or younger students and instead of the words for non-readers pictures can be used. This can also be used in other subjects. For math, pair equations with solutions; for history, pair dates with events etc.

Teaching Suggestions:

This activity can be adapted in many ways for students with disabilities. Students could be paired up to work together to help each other out or the words can be made into pictures to help a student who struggles with reading. The movements can also be modified for a child with a disability.

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Emotions in Motion

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