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Name of Activity:

Flag Drag Tag

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Hula hoops (quantity depends on the number of taggers), 2 flags per student, and cones for boundaries

Description of Idea

Flag Drag Tag is a nice instant activity for a field hockey unit. It's a good warm-up for students' legs and also gets them comfortable moving about in the bent over position that is necessary to properly grip a field hockey stick.

Use cones to establish the playing area. Place the hula hoops around the perimeter of this area. The number of hula hoops will depend on class size and also on the amount of taggers.

Hand out two flags (one for each hand) to all students except 2-4 (depends on class size--you can have more or less). These students (called the runners) will have one flag in each hand and will move (i.e., jogging, running, walking, etc.) in the designated area dragging the flags behind them. The runners' flags must stay in contact with the ground and behind them at all times. The taggers (who do not have flags) will then "tag" the runners by "stepping" on their flags with their feet.

Once a runner has his/her flag "stepped on", they must release the "stepped on" flag. The tagger then takes the "stepped on" flag and places it inside one of the hula hoops. The runner (whose flag was "stepped on") continues to participate in the game until his/her other flag is "stepped on". When a runner has no flags left, he/she must step outside of the playing area and do five jumping jacks before retrieving two flags from the hula hoops to rejoin the game. Be sure to switch taggers often.

Teaching Suggestions:

You will need at least one hula hoop per tagger.

Flags must be long enough so they drag at least three feet behind the runners while in a bent over position.

Flags can be made from plastic garbage bags cut into strips; however, these tend to "float" above the ground. A heavier material, like a heavy canvas or cotton cloth, will work better.

You can substitute any appropriate movement for the five jumping jacks such as abdominal crunches, push-ups, dynabands, etc.

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Flag Drag Tag

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