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Name of Activity:

Jail Break Hockey

Purpose of Activity:

To teach students to control a ball or puck with a hockey stick using various speeds and direction.


Students need to know how to hold a hockey stick properly and understand safety rules. Blade of stick must always stay below waist.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Hockey sticks, balls or pucks, floor tape or cones for the jail.

Description of Idea

Students begin moving a ball or puck around a box made of floor tape (or cones if outside). The box is the "jail". On the signal, students begin to move the ball or puck around the designated area using various speeds and direction. On the signal, students are given 10 seconds (or your choice of time) to return their ball or puck to a box (1 person per box) and must choose a different box each time to avoid hanging around the same box. If all of the students make it back to their box before the 10 seconds the class gets a point. If everyone does not make it or if someone uses their hands to put the ball or puck in a box, the teacher gets a point. I like to set a score total to play to or a time limit. If the students win, we move on to the next lesson. If the teacher wins, we refine and continue. I like to set the stage by telling the class that no class has ever beat me.


You can shorten hockey sticks and allow for students to stay near the same hoop.

You can use a different ball such as a yarn ball to aid in control.

Could add defenders (maybe 2/3) to make it more interesting. They could be stationary.

Assessment Ideas:

Watching the students and observing how they control the ball or puck when they manuever to their hoops is the best way to see if the students are keeping the puck in front and using a zig zag pattern.

Teaching Suggestions:

This could be used as an Instant Activity.

Give students extra time if you think it is appropriate. The teacher is in control so use good judgement.

I always ask the student to identify the pattern when I demonstrate the dribble.

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Submitted by Gregory Caskey who teaches at Buford Middle in Lancaster, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/8/2009.

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Previous Comments:


Do students always return to the same jail or do they go to the nearest jail?


Going to try this with my grade 7's. They need help on ball handling.


I was looking for a new hockey skills game for my 2nd and 3rd graders. I gave this a shot and it worked great. I was hesitant due to the age group that you specified, but I modified it allowing 5 kids to the 4 cone jail. 5-6 jails depending on class size and the kids did great. All the skills I wanted to cover: space awareness, dribbling and trapping skills plus they had to work together to not exceed my limit of 5 kids per each jail box. Counting, cooperation and teamwork skills also. Thanks!


Sounds like a good game!! How many boxes??????


At first I thought there was only one box, but later as I read, it appears that there are more than one boxes. How many boxes/jails are there?


I do not understand this game. Not a very good job of explaining.


thats a good game


fun and entertaining to the kids!