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Name of Activity:

Tendon Damage from Steroids

Purpose of Activity:

To help students understand how using steroids can create problems for tendons in your body.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

You will need a perfectly good rubber band for each student. You will also need a rubber band for each student that appears to be good, but was partially cut prior to class.

Description of Idea

Distribute the good rubber bands and tell the students to stretch them. Then distribute the other ones and tell the students to stretch them. You may want to warn them, that the rubber bands will probably snap, to prevent injuries. The rubber bands will snap.

Follow this activity with a discussion about how steroids cause muscles to grow. At the same time, tendons that attach muscles to bones do not grow but actually deteriorate in elasticity and strength. This causes the tendons to no longer be able to support the larger muscles. The result is that the tendons snap like the partially damaged rubber band.

Assessment Ideas:

Have students draw muscles and tendons that are proportioned properly. Then have them do the same for muscles and tendons that are not properly proportioned.

Submitted by Bob  Wright in Holland , PA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/18/2000.
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Tendon Damage from Steroids

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