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Name of Activity:

Rush to Brush

Purpose of Activity:

This activity is an introductory health lesson on the importance of good dental hygiene. When teaching an elementary lesson to young students, an activity that they will remember is a fun one. After doing this activity, it will be clear to the students that a lack of brushing is harmful to your teeth.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

A classroom setting, 50 - 100 squish balls or yarn balls (or other similar type balls), basket to hold the balls

Description of Idea

The teacher will start by explaining the harmful effects of plaque and how plaque can destroy teeth. Next, move students so they are all standing on one side of the classroom and temporarily facing away from the center of the room. Then distribute about twenty of the squish balls in different places around the room.

Tell the student to imagine that the other side of the class is a mouth full of teeth immediately after eating a meal. Inform the students that they are toothbrushes and are working together to clean up all the plaque in the mouth. Show one squish ball to let the students know what it is they are trying to find. Once they find a ball, they are to put it in a basket and then go search for more.

This round of the game will be played a couple times, the first time only about twenty balls will be dispersed around the room.

After all the balls have been collected, the teacher tells the students to move, once again, to one side of the room and turn away from the rest of the room.This time distribute twice as many balls in the room. Inform the students that they are to imagine that they have to clean out a mouth that did not brush after one meal. Once again, invite the students to find all the balls.

The game is played four times, each time informing the students that the person missed brushing after yet another meal. On the last round, put all the balls around the room to get the biggest effect and make the time greater to clean up all the plaque balls

After the activity, reiterate the importance of brushing after every time the student eats.

Submitted by Scott  Godfrey who teaches at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg , VA . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/18/2000.
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Rush to Brush

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