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Name of Activity:

Basketball Station Team Challenge

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is for students to practice their basic basketball skills before playing in games or game-like situations. Most students, especially middle school students, like competition, and this is a way for them to challenge other groups as well as members of their own group.


Students should be familiar with basketball terms such as: Free Throws, Chest Pass, Bounce Pass, Lay-Ups, Jump Ball, Outside Shots, and Defense. They should have had some previous basketball experience and familiarity with the parts of the basketball court.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Pencils for each group (1 per group), poly spots or cones, 8-Station Basketball Challenge Worksheet, several basketballs.

Description of Idea

I tell the students to choose a group (3 per group works best) of students whose basketball skill levels are comparable to theirs. Students spend 2 minutes at 8 stations and rotate from station to station, and record their scores for each station. They have two minutes at each station. I choose one student from each group to be the "captain" and the recorder. The stations are as follows:


1. Free Throws (2 basketballs). Count the number of shots they make in two minutes. Record number.

2. Chest Pass (1 basketball). I set up cones about 10-15 feet away from each other and have the kids "shuttle pass." (Two students line up on on one side of the cone and one student lines up at the other cone. The ball starts on the side with two students, and after they pass across from them, they run to the other cone and pass from other words, they follow their own pass.) Count and record number of passes made in two minutes.

3. Lay-Ups (two basketballs). I put a poly spot at either the right or left wings so that they are actually dribbling in and then shooting their lay-up. Count and record number of made shots in two minutes.

4. Dribbling (1-3 basketballs). One at a time, they sprint/dribble back and forth 30 feet and count the number of times they cross the starting line as a group). They are allowed to dribble with their right hand, left hand, or crossover dribble. Count and record number of times they cross starting line in two minutes.

5. Bounce pass (1 basketball). Same as Station #2 with the shuttle passing. Count and record number of passes in two minutes.

6. Outside shots (3 basketballs). (I put poly spots on the wing, elbow, and baseline--each students is assigned one position, and they count the number of shots they make as a group in two minutes.


7. Jump Ball (1 basketball). One student acts as the "official" and tosses the jump ball for the two other students. Student who wins the jump ball receives 1 point. Students rotate positions and after 2 minutes, record who got the most jump balls in their group.

8. Defensive Challenge/1 on 1 (1 basketball). Students start at the top of the 3-point arc and play 1 on play only. If the offensive player scores, he/she receives a point. If the defensive player makes a stop, he/she receives a point. The 3rd player in the group rotates in.

At the end of the class, groups compare scores, and I give out a prize to the group who wins the most team challenges. Students who are voted "Best Jump Baller" or "Best Defender" in their group stand to be recognized.

8-Station Basketball Challenge Worksheet


Lower basketball hoops.

Put out different types of balls that bounce (e.g., playground balls) so they can choose.

You can also have the students wear pedometers or heart rate monitors and require a certain amount of steps or a certain heart rate during the activity.

Submitted by Brigid Radigan in Olmsted Township, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/26/2009.
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Basketball Station Team Challenge

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Thanks for the activity. As a long-term sub, I needed ideas for my PE classes.


Thank you for your contribution! This saved me. I'm a new PE 8 teacher who specializes in English. I was lost with what to do with my 30+ boys for their basketball unit! Excellent of you to share this. Thank you!


Great idea for less skilled high school student players. Going to modify a few stations and then try it!

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Great Lesson. I am going to try this with my students!

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Very good Idea!!!!!


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