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Name of Activity:

Wellness Bulletin Board

Purpose of Activity:

To have students research the popular press for wellness related articles, information, and/or pictures. Also, to show responsibility in maintaining and updating a weekly bulletin board.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Bulletin board, access to popular press resources and the Internet

Description of Idea

Explain to the students that for the duration of the Wellness Unit students will be responsible for maintaining and updating (on a weekly basis) a bulletin board that displays information about Wellness Concepts. To do this each person in the class will be responsible for bringing in one article and/or photograph that discusses all or any of the aspects of wellness (mental, physical, social, emotional, and/or spiritual). If you choose a photograph, the person or persons in the photograph must be doing something that displays a healthy lifestyle behavior. In addition, you are to write one paragraph (at least 3 sentences) telling how you think the article or photo relates to wellness and this class. This assignment is due every Monday at the beginning of class.

Suggested Resources:

You can find your article or photo in popular magazines, books, newspapers, journals, or the World Wide Web.


  • Men's and Women's Health
  • Women's Sports and Fitness
  • Runner's World
  • Shape
  • Sports Illustrated


May want to do this in groups of 3-4 if you have large classes. In other words each student brings an article in but only one is posted on the bulletin board or boards.

Assign a group of students to maintain and design the bulletin board.

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Wellness Bulletin Board

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Shelby Stamets

I love this idea! I am interning right now and would love to bring this to my health classroom for the freshman!

Carol Clarke

Thank you! I did something similar to this lesson last year. I will indeed use this. Thank you!

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