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Name of Activity:

Jump Band Hokey-Pokey Dance (November '08)

Purpose of Activity:

The students will be able to incorporate rhythm and cardiovascular activity into the familiar Hokey Pokey dance.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD player, 1 pair of jump bands per every four students, portable microphone (almost a necessity in order to be able to cue during the routine and above the noise of the music)

Recommended music:

“Hokey Pokey”

Description of Idea

Divide the class into groups of four and give each group one set of jump bands. Two students will perform the jump band movements and two students will do the dance.

Jump Band Movements (This mimics the movements of the tinikling poles.):
During the chorus of the song – “You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about.” The children with the jump bands will jump 2x with their feet apart and 2x with their feet together. They will do this 4x during each chorus.

The Dancers’ Movements (This is the tinikling step, using a four (4) count movement instead of the traditional three (3) count!):
The dancers will place their R side to the bands. When the bands are apart they step in with their R foot and then their L foot. They will then step out on the R foot (dancers are now on the opposite side of the band) and hop. They will then reverse the movement – in with the L foot and then the R. Step out on the L foot and hop. (They are now in the original starting spot.) They will do this 4x during each chorus.

Verse of the Song (You put your R foot in... etc.):
Both the jump band people and the dancers will do the movements of the verses of the Hokey Pokey. The dancers will put the body part (leg, arm, hip, etc.) inside the jump bands. The jump band performers can also participate by moving the designated body parts. The jump band performers need to be sure to end with their feet apart and ready to jump.

When the chorus begins each group must be ready to do their own steps to the music.

The song ends with an extended chorus which allows the students to do the jump bands and the four count tinikling steps several extra times.

* Make sure that you do the entire song two times through - thus allowing the children to switch places from dancers to jump band persons.

Picture (Video Below)


Children who are dancing can do other movements. They can start with the L side to the jump bands and reverse the basic step.

Rocking Horse Step – Dancers face the jump bands and begin with a step hop R inside the jump band followed by a step hop L on the outside opposite side of the band. They then step back into the band with the R foot and do a step hop followed by a L step hop outside of the band. This takes the students back to their starting spot. This step can be reversed by beginning with the L foot.

Double Jump Step – Dancers begin standing in between the jump bands. They do the motions described in the verse. During the chorus the dancers will jump with their feet together 2x and then jump with their feet apart 2x.

Assessment Ideas:

After a discussion of heart rate and exercise, students can take their heart rates. They can compare the heart rates of jumpers vs. dancers and the level of intensity of each type of activity.


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Jump Band Hokey-Pokey Dance (November '08)

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Jump Bands came from the Chinese culture and were originally called Chinese Jump Rope


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