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Name of Activity:

Rhythm Stick Routine (September '08)

Purpose of Activity:

The students will be able to perform a rhythm stick routine, incorporating rhythm and coordination challenges with memory and creativity.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

CD player, 1 pair of rhythm sticks per student, portable microphone (almost a necessity in order to be able to cue during the routine and above the noise of the sticks)

Recommended music:

Christina Aguilera – “Fighter” or High School Musical 2 – “Vacation”

Description of Idea

1-16 Toe heel-drop R – This is a 2 count movement (Place the ball of the right foot on the floor and then drop the right heel on the floor.) Toe heel-drop L – This is a 2 count movement
Repeat RLRLRL, for a total of 16 counts
Rhythm sticks are held above head, hit twice on each toe heel movement

1-16 Step forward RL, step back RL - This is 4 counts – Repeat 3 more times for 16 counts
Rhythm sticks hit with a single hit up on the R then up on the L when moving forward and down on the R and down on the L when moving back.(repeat)

1-4 Two jumps, turn ½ turn, squat and hit sticks on ground 1 time, repeat so the dancer is facing in the original direction (the counts for the jumps are 1& and the sticks hit on count 2; jump on counts 3 & hit the sticks on the floor on count 4)

5-8 Hit sticks on floor while lunging RLRL. (When lunging to the R the stick in the L hand hits on the floor in front on the R foot and when lunging to the L the stick in the R hand hits on the floor in front of the L foot) There will be a total of 4 hits.

1-8 Triple step R (step R, step on the ball of the L foot next to the R and step on the R foot)
The count is 1&2
Triple step L (step L, step on the ball of the R foot next to the L and step on the L foot -- cue: step-ball-change)
The count is 3&4
Repeat the triple steps on the R and L.
The rhythm sticks are held at the waist and mimic the rhythm of the triple step with 3 hits.

1-8 Back up 4 counts RLR, touch L with sticks hitting above head
Move forward LRL, touch R with sticks hitting below the waist

1-8 Slide R, Touch L foot -- hit sticks above head, Slide L, touch R hit sticks below waist
Repeat R and L slides. On last slide to the L make ¼ turn to the L.
Repeat the dance facing a new direction

Note: When using the song “Fighter”- Hold for 4 sets of 8 during the slow music. Start when the singing starts.

Note: When using the High School Musical 2 song “Vacation” – Hold for 2 sets of 8 before beginning the dance.


If you have a class who is really up to a challenge put the dance to the High School Musical 2 song “All for One”. It has a great fast tempo. You can also put students into groups and let them add a set of 8 of their own after the turn and before beginning the dance again.

Submitted by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/4/2008.
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Rhythm Stick Routine (September '08)

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