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Name of Activity:

Volleyball Tennis (Singles)

Purpose of Activity:

The purpose of this activity is to allow students to gain control of the ball, practice hand-eye coordination and teach students how to move around to the ball.


Students should have basic control of the ball. They should be able to do the following before playing this game: tap the ball up in the air at least 20 times before it bounces, tap the ball to themselves, let it bounce, tap it again and repeat the process until told to stop.

Suggested Grade Level:


Materials Needed:

Tennis rackets (or paddles of some sort), tennis ball for each pair of students, tennis court or an area where a net can be put up about three feet high and a mini-tennis court (use the service boxes)

Description of Idea

There may be 4 students to a court, each pair gets half of the court on each side of the net.

Boundary - Service boxes only (if ball bounces in the alley, pass the service line, or in the service box NEXT to them, the ball is considered OUT)

1. Each pair of students stands on the SERVICE line on opposite sides of the net. (You can have students start closer and move back once they get the idea.)
2. One player has the tennis ball, drops it in front and taps the ball over the net to the other side. The ball must land in the service box in order to be considered good.

1. Ball is only allowed to BOUNCE ONCE!
2. The person starting the point must drop the ball, let it bounce once and then tap it over the net.
3. After the point begins students must tap the ball to self ONLY ONCE before tapping it over. Bouncing to self before hitting it over defined: When the ball comes aross the net let it bounce, then tap the ball UP so that you are able to hit it over AFTER it comes back down, hits the gound and begins to go up.
4. This pattern of play continues until someone hits the ball out of bounds, ball bounces twice, or the ball falls into the net.

Keeping Score:
If you wish to keep score you may score the game as 1-2-3-4, etc. You can play games up to 11 or 21 and then have winners play winners and unlucky plays unlucky.

The game could also be made into a cooperative challenge with partners trying to get as many hits in a row as they can.


To play a doubles version have 2 students on one side and two on the opposite side using all 4 service boxes. The game begins the same way but instead of passing it to yourself, you must pass to your partner. The object of this game is to PASS the ball after one bounce to your PARTNER who then must hit it over the net.

Use as an activity to practice skills for Pickle Ball or Eclipse Ball.

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher can observe and assess if the students can control the ball, make sure contact point is in the right spot, sportsmanship, movement and rules.

Teaching Suggestions:

Be sure to tell students that they are not using FULL swing only HALF a swing. (Racket starts next to them and only moves slightly forward to tap the ball on both sides)

Utilize space and equipment in a way that maximizes participation. If necessary increase the number of students on a court.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities

This activity can be started with smaller rackets that have short handles, making it easier to control the racket.

You may use a bigger ball so its easier to see and hit.

The net can be lowered to make it easier.

Submitted by Kinga Polonska-Malik in Copiague, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/8/2008.
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Volleyball Tennis (Singles)

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